An Enlightening Interaction 😊

enlighteningInteraction with Blind Which was Enlightening’ 
Date – 8th November, 2017(Good memory technique although its a recent incident so no flaunting of techniques😋)

Place – G. T. B Metro Station,

Time – 7 P. M

The conversation :

Me – Who needs help among both of you? (The line was been spoken to two ladies who were close to me whom I thought needed some sort of help and I was quite chilling and was happy and happiness brings more conversations flowning from my side).

One out of them-Ji, mujhe aap Samrat Bakery tak chod doge?The voice was sweet.(The lady who spoke this wore brown coloured shades)

Me – Ji, Aap aajao, Bakery pass mai hi hai. Chalte Hai Sath. 😊

[The other lady with her Aap inko chod dena shop par for she is blind] And we started our journey to the bakery shop :

She :Whats your name? What do you do?(Answers will not be a part of this status as readers are my friends and they know it)

Me :What do you do?

She :I work in IDBI bank (CP Branch)

Me:That’s good, what do you want from bakery? (As we were heading towards it)

She :Actually its my friends birthday today so I am thinking to buy a cake and then pick a dress from my flat and then move to her place for celebration.(Her friend lived in rohini, she already was coming from CP and we stood at G. T. B NAGAR)

Me (Dumbstruck) – Today? I mean to say tonight? IT WAS ALREADY 7 BY THE CLOCK.

She :Yes, and then came her another question which asked me about my birthday and my favourite flavor cake.(As it was someone’s Birthday and birthdays are love)

Me (With a big smile which she could not see but maybe must have felt via my tone) – The date is 19th July(It has got some hype these days) and Chocolate is the favorite!

She :My birthday was on 4th November but it wasn’t celebrated, I didn’t cut any cake! (It is too be noted that she had no celebration on her own birthday but was all full with zeal for her friends birthday)

Me: Belated happy birthday and Do one thing Today hold the knife along with your friend and celebrate with her your belated birthday.It will be fun

She :Thats a nice idea!

We reached the shop, ordered a cake, got on her friends name ‘Jasneet’ on cake, paid via card(Till this moment she had a big smile on her face but on payment counter she was highly scared as people before had duped her by asking some other amount and swapping the card for higher amount) and then she guided the way to her flat, we reached there and she went!
Is blindness a curse? Not for a single second with her I felt so, She was more than happy, she was more lively than any other person. She was ready to travel all her way from G. T. B to rohini irrespective of her hectic office hours at CP.(Isn’t that amazing?)

She wanted to make others day up whereas her own birthday was not been celebrated! (From Cake to Gift dress was all set for her friends Jasneet birthday) (This was touching)

She was duped before with card payment but she still made a trust on me (Kudos! As life gives you lessons but you cannot stop living it)

P. S – I still remember her bright face! 😀

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